That Holiday Refund… So… It has begun!

Good Morning Elizabeth Hotel,
I checked my bank account and it seems that I have not yet received the refund you stated you would pay me back in April. With that in mind, I will demonstrate persistence and aggravation while sharing these little ditties with my fans…  You will be interested to know I have many questions. The kind of questions which really aggravate teachers…
So today I was thinking about the cry of the warrior and thought it might be great to dress up as a Valkerie. How much fun would that be to turn up at your reception – a giant woman with flowing red hair dressed as a Valkerie…. Hmmm quite random.
People dressed in odd outfits such as pantomime horse or giant chickens got me thinking about weirdos and all the oddities that must stay at your establishment. The weirdos made me consider dishonesty and that essentially your hotel is being very dishonest by not refunding the money you owe me.
Of course this made me think about criminals and all the dodgy characters who stay in hotels. Surely if a hotel is being dishonest then surely it will attract more dishonest people. Imagine a mass of nasty people lying and misleading each other… Oh you probably can…
That thought made me realise there is probably money laundering and all kinds of concerning activity taking place. I tried to imagine the strangest thing that would happen at your hotel regarding criminals and actually freaked myself out. The bright side is that series of thought made me think about fraud, which is actually what you are committing by not refunding me. With that in mind, there is a lot of potential for investigation. Now I don’t want to ruin the ‘story’ by giving too much away…
In the meantime I will be checking my account for a refund daily. In the meantime, quite a few of the female travellers who follow my blog are already fans… I wonder how many people I can reach with this…
We will see. The longer it takes to get refunded the more people will read…  Reputational damage is quite a thing.
In the meantime, I look forward to my refund.

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