That Refund You Owe Me – Upping the Game

Good Morning Elizabeth Hotel,

Well I checked my bank account this morning and still no refund, even though you promised it back in March. Bizarre isn’t it how companies love to take the cash but not refund it… They are all smiles when selling and then… silence when they are expected to refund. That is such a lack mentality…

You know what? I bet you thought I had given up over the weekend. Well, I thought I would give you a chance… A bit of an opportunity… Kindness, consideration and honesty are virtues I value. So… I hoped that you might action that refund and then we would be complete. No… unfortunately that is not the case… Not a compensationary Euro returned… So it looks like I will have to continue this little escapade…

While we are here let et me share the good news about these postings. Already over 5000 people have read this blog. Pretty good going eh? Imagine that many people know your hotel’s customer service is awful. I would be sooooooo embarrassed about such reputational damage. Talking of embarrassed, I intend to get more humourous and venture into some interesting subjects such a bed bugs… Can’t wait to explore thoughts on that… So, with the fact you didn’t take the opportunity to refund, I owe you three emails… Ha… Now let me see how random they can be. In terms of audience, I intend to get to over a hundred thousand views… so the content will have to be contentious and creative… Ooooh what a challenge.
Anyway I look forward to receiving that refund.




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