That Refund You Owe Me & Bed Bugs

Good Morning Elizabeth Hotel, I still haven’t received that refund you promised me and that is really quite annoying.
Talking of annoying I have been thinking about your hotel in terms infestations of bed bugs… I wonder if they could ever descend on your hotel in biblical proportion and what would you do about it?
Let’s be honest bed bugs must be the bain of a hotel’s existence because once you have an infestation of bed bugs I am sure the little blighters are there to stay. It must be awful when a prestigious hotel, such as yours, is tarred with having bed bugs… It must affect your reputation and it could spread like wildfire. Imagine the repercussions of people thinking the Elizabeth Hotel is bed-bug-tastic.
So with that in mind, how did you manage your last bed bug influx? Also how do you make the discovery? Does an innocent guest turn up at reception after a bed bug mauling? I wonder how you keep that quiet and what kind of compensation you would offer for such a situation.
It is quite interesting really. My fans and followers probably would not have considered bed bugs and since The Elizabeth Hotel is in Italy, I wonder if the Italian bed-bug strain have their own qualities. Do they prefer a bit of edible tourist with pasta or maybe they like a nice bit of Limoncello to wash down the unsuspecting tourist’s blood…
If you have any answers I would love to hear them. Although I don’t expect much because you haven’t answered any of my emails to date and are definitely not answering the phone. It might be wise for your hotel chain to invest in some customer service training because quite frankly yours is pretty rubbish.
Anyway I look forward to my refund and hope you don’t get infested with bed bugs.

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