That Refund You Owe Me – Nakedness

Good Morning Elizabeth Hotel.
Well it is Friday and I have checked my bank account and still no refund. I do find it interesting that a business thinks it is okay to keep taking bookings and taking money without refunding those people that they didn’t honour. The bright side, as mentioned before, is a few thousand people have read about your escapades and quite a few have stated how disgusted they are…
Anyway let’s not shine a torch on a turd when we can shine it on something worth illuminating. So when I worked on cruise ships there many accidentally naked moments, where a guest, in their half sleep wandered unsuspectingly into the corridor without an item of clothes. Bollocky buff we call that in the area I live. When the door closed behind them they suddenly woke up from their half asleep and realised they were naked, in a public space and their partner was asleep. Oh yes… The shenanigans that unfolded to cover up revealed parts and to get back into the room was quite spectacular.
So, as a hotel you must experience sleep walkers, naked streakers and some very awkward moments of drunkenness. I think one of my favourite sleep walking stories is from a friend of mine who quite often sleep walks. She is known for wandering through the work’s disco in her underwear during one such sleep walking expedition.
Her best example was when she was on holiday and woke up next to a random man who laid rigid. It turned out she left her hotel room in a sleep walking/ underwear wearing state, wandered down the road, managed to pick up a frying pan and snuck into some holiday apartments. She climbed into the man’s bed wielding the frying pan and continued to sleep. The man, fearing for his life (he didn’t want to be frying-panned to death) laid still until the morning. Imagine!
As a hotel you must experience all kinds of sleep walking and naked situations. No doubt you find them hilarious or… annoying. Talking of annoying, I hope these daily emails are annoying you. If I was your hotel, I would be most annoyed by the fact that thousands of people are aware that my hotel are ignoring their guests and not making the refund your promised in writing… Reputational distruction is powerful thing and as I mentioned, I am receiving numerous contacts from people asking where you are located and what is the name of your hotel chain… It is a ripple effect you see. One doesn’t have to be aggressive, they can adopt the yin (feminine) approach which is like water. It patiently wears the rock away to create the grains of sand. There is no rush just continual persistence.
With that in mind, I look forward to receiving my refund.

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