That Refund You Owe Me – The Dark Side

Hello Elizabeth Hotel,
Surprise! I bet you thought I had given up… Oh no! Why would I when I can explore my completely annoying side? Some might call it the dark side or the shadow side. That makes me think of Star Wars and Darth Vada. I wonder how you would react if I turned up at your reception breathing like an asthmatic after running up a mountain wearing a black cape. Would you pay me that refund you promised me back in March? The one I have been chasing and sharing on my blog. Ironically I used to be asthmatic until I discovered cheese gave me breathing challenges.
Anyway enough of that excitement… I was thinking about the expression ‘the straw that broke the camel’s back.’ I wonder how many people get so peeved with hotels who don’t refund that the quite simply break. For some people not having one response from a hotel that owes them around a thousand Euro may well result in them going on a rampage. Quite a thought eh? The thing is it is your poor reception staff who would receive the brunt of the rampaging. Of course it could not be those suited grape-eating hoteliers who sit in their ridiculously decorated offices. You know what? I might write a nice mystery book inspired by my now general dislike of those people who are purposely not refunding your hotel’s guests. Imagine if that was a bestseller too?
The funny thing is when you write a book you can really explore the depths of darkness and go beyond your edge… What’s more you can push your characters to the limits. If you think Steig Larson and the Girl with The Dragon Tattoo or anything written by Dan Brown… Well enough of my Darth Vada clad fantasies. The point is you still haven’t refunded me. I have also asked the booking agent to start making approaches and am interested to see whether they will remove you from their website. I do hope so. I am not a vindictive person but I do like a good bit of justice. Thank goodness we are not in the era of hanging. I am sure a lot of your disgruntled guests would take up knitting and crochet to watch the gallows as justice was sought. Dark eh?
Well I have another e-mail/blog to write because I missed one yesterday. I will tell you why shortly.
I look forward to seeing my refund in my bank very soon.

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