Tingle Dingle and The Little Stinkers – Chapter 5





Josh glanced across the room and noticed something peering at them through the crack in the door. It was small and fluffy. Was it a dog?

‘Another tea anyone?’ asked Bertie, noticing Josh staring at the door. ‘More apple juice young man?’ Bertie asked before the story continued.

‘No thank you,’ Josh said. When he looked back at the crack in the door, whatever had been there was gone.

‘Do you want to hear the rest of the story?’ Mildred asked. She glanced at Bertie who frowned. He quickly offered the family more biscuits.

‘Yes please,’ said Tingle eyeing her parents to make sure that they also wanted to hear more. Dianne and John nodded, they wanted to find out how a perfume maker could make such a huge stink cloud.

3 stinkers

Mildred cleared her throat with a hearty cough and took a deep breath. ‘The following morning Sebastian packed up his stuff and went to live in the forest, away from the stink of the city. While he was out in the forest he spent most of his time creating beautiful aromas based on nature. That was what he loved the most. At the same time he wanted to learn what made a perfume turn bad. Could he create a perfume which smelled nice in the beginning and then transformed into a stench? Could he create a bad smell that gradually became lovely? He wanted to learn every aspect of aroma, nature and what a smell was capable of doing.’

Josh fidgeted, he saw something else just outside the door peeping through. It was the size of a cat but didn’t look like a cat. It didn’t look like anything he had ever seen before. He glanced at Tingle and made an expression with his eyes and pointed Dino’s head in the direction of the door. Tingle noticed Josh pointing and quickly glanced towards the door. The creature was only there a few seconds and then it vanished.

Original Stinkers

‘Hrrrrrm hrrrrm’, said Mildred, distracting Josh and Tingle from watching the door. ‘One evening, while Sebastian mixed some natural flowers scents, some of the forest faeries were enticed by the gorgeous aroma. The first few faeries appeared and then finally the Queen of the faeries went against all the faeries’ rules and allowed herself to be seen by a human. After smelling such a fragrance she introduced herself. ‘I am Queen Lydia, leader of the forest faeries,’ she said. ‘I love the scent you have created. I would like to have it. Unfortunately I am not a human and do not have any money.’

‘Have the perfume as a gift,’ Sebastian said gawking at the beautiful faerie.

‘Ah, thank you. Although if you give me the scent then it is only fair that I will give you three wishes as a gift from me. Is that a fair deal?’ she asked blushing slightly.

Sebastian smiled and became shy, ‘I don’t need anything.’

‘There must be something you desire. Everyone desires something,’ she replied.

‘I have never had anyone offer me such a gift. So… can I wish for anything?’ he asked, imagining everything that he could ever wish for.

‘Whatever you want?’ she replied. ‘Your heart’s desire… but a word of advice – choose wisely and not from a place that desires power. We have watched those wishes turn out badly.’

Sebastian smiled, he knew what he wanted and hadn’t everything already gone terribly wrong?’ He intended to be the greatest aroma creator on earth and have all the help he needed to bring that to reality. Oh, and take revenge.

‘Okay… I have an idea. The first wish is to become the greatest aroma creator on this planet and to have all the help I need to make that happen.’

‘That seems fair,’ she said with a giggle. ‘It is done…’ she said spinning through the air and firing some stars up to the sky like magical fireworks.

‘What is your second wish?’ she asked.

‘I would like to be able to create magic,’ he replied.

Lydia looked concerned. ‘Do you understand that magic in the wrong hands is dangerous and destructive? It also takes time to learn how to use magic properly.’

Sebastian shrugged, ‘I intend to use the magic to enhance my aromas and make them magical. I can’t see how that is a bad thing.’

Whiley Wafter

Queen Lydia studied the man before her. Maybe he was right, and he had just created the most beautiful scent she had ever experienced. ‘Okay… it is done,’ she said entering into another spin and raising her hands to the heavens. More little lights, like fireflies, rose into the sky and sparkled. A moment later Sebastian felt his whole body shudder and his spine tingle. From thin air, a silver staff with a clear globe appeared on the ground before him.

‘Try it,’ she said with a kind smile.

Sebastian glanced at some rocks beside him and pointed the staff. He then lifted the staff as he focused on the rock, the rock raised from the ground and floated in the air. When he realised what he had done he gasped and the rock fell to the ground.

‘That is how magic feels. You will need to learn a lot, and know precisely what you want to do with it, otherwise you can have some quite funny repercussions.’

Sebastian frowned, what did she mean by repercussions and should he be worried?

‘Okay and your final wish?’ she asked.

‘I want to live forever,’ Sebastian replied in a matter of fact tone.

‘Are you sure that is really what you want?’ she replied in a surprised manner. ‘Why would you want that? I can tell you it gets really boring. At least you have a reason to make the most of life by having limited time. When you have forever you literally have no cause to make the most of your now.’ She was wise and studied the man before her.

Sebastian listened to what she said, but if he was going to take his revenge he didn’t want to be killed halfway through. What’s more, he intended to live to see his success. He liked the idea of his pong revenge brewing and catching the world population when they least expected it. Lydia had seen it all before and often in these moments, where people carry anger and they made wishes, they didn’t understand the implications. Still, Sebastian was sure that was what he wanted. ‘Yes that is definitely what I want and I don’t want to age a day beyond this day,’ he replied.

She sighed and gave him his final wish with a swish of her arms and an elegant spin. Unfortunately Sebastian was unaware of what would unfold because of his desires.’

Cheeky Reekies

The family were silent. All Sebastian had wanted to do was make the most beautiful perfume for the Queen. So who had ruined it? Why had Sebastian turned nasty so quickly?

‘I think that is such a shame,’ said Dianne sadly. ‘All he had wanted to do was create a lovely perfume and someone ruined it for him. The fact that he had been sabotaged made him change.’

‘Who ruined it?’ asked Tingle.

‘We will have to tell you later. I think you all need to drink your tea or apple juice and eat your biscuits. We need to show you around Waftness.’

‘I want to know what happened…’ said Josh with a fidget.

‘You will find out soon enough. It will make more sense when you have had a look around Waftness,’ said Bertie. ‘There are some very interesting nooks and crannies for you to explore. Nothing about the place will be what you expect.’




Illustrations by Robin Dry – Thank you!



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