I think I might just love the expression stupid-o’clock for the simple reason it puts people off getting up early. It may well infer that only stupid people get up early… So a very clever person must have come up with that idea… What do you think?

So I am an early riser. It isn’t intentional it is just that my body is wired that way. Maybe it is because I was an officer on the Cruise Ships and would start my deck circumnavigations at 7, so would do my exercise before work. Whatever it is… being up early provides opportunity to live without being caught up in the mass – or people soup as I call it.

The time spent in silence on the river is bliss. There is no noise, no distraction just nature… That time clears and prepares the mind for the working day ahead. It also puts things in perspective.

With the world being as absurd as it is at the moment, time spent in nature truly living is priceless. That is why I appreciate ‘stupid-o’clock’ because it puts the mass off joining me on my early morning adventures. Thank you whoever came up with that term because it is genius!

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