Stillness Amongst the Chaos

Spending time on the water before work puts everything in perspective. Admittedly getting up at 5.30am to be on the water for 6.00am is not everyone’s cup of tea (thank goodness!) Yet I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

You see what I realised today is the importance of stillness. That moment of silence in a world filled with noise is such a welcome escape. To step away from the endless media invasion/bombardment is a joy in itself. When I say step away from the noise, of course there is never total silence, yet without traffic and humanity’s noise there is a level of calm that can resonate through you, recharge you and remind you that you are a soul having a physical experience.

This morning wasn’t as spectacular as some mornings, actually it was pretty cold and a little murky and… it was absolutely lovely.

That is what I love about paddling is that every experience is different. This morning a heron caught a fish, swans glided past and fish launched themselves into the air and then… stillness.

When stillness descended, I stopped paddling and just sat silently. The river was at the tipping point between tides coming in and going out. Nothing disturbed the water. The reflections were pristine and everything was still.

It is in these moments even the mind can stop its chatter and the body seems to melt. The senses heighten and one can feel connected. In that stillness time expands and you are simply present and it is bliss. As much as one desires to remain suspended in the stillness of no time, it is simply a reminder that stillness is accessible amongst the world’s chaos and humanity’s noise.

For me, these are the moments where inspiration flutters into consciousness and I have deep realisations.

There is time to experience and that time came to a natural end. I then paddled to my secret beach, opened my thermos of beautifully brewed coffee and had some dark chocolate. Bliss! I counted my blessings as kingfisher swooped over the pristine reflections. Admittedly finding stillness amongst the chaos is easier than you think.

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