Just One of ‘Those’ Days

Do you ever think that there is some divine comedian setting up a series of events for their own entertainment?

The kind of unfolding that if you tried to make it happen would just not be possible?

Well I literally have had one of those days where I am not only bemused but I am astounded by the ingenuity of the divine comedian who has decided to use me to experiment on…

So take a look at this picture and step into the roll of detective… How on earth could such an outcome take place?

Are you ready for this… It is simple. I was looking for a USB cable… The previous day I had arranged the can of paint to remind myself to make time to decorate. In my slightly distracted state I tripped over my own foot, flew forwards and stamped on the paint can. Boom! Paint exploded everywhere. It was quite amazing, amusing and absolutely bemusing.

This then got me thinking about unexpected events unfolding and the unexpected outcomes. The red pen exploded onto my fingers which made me look like a murderer. It was a red editing pen and leaked pretty intensely. Have you ever had that moment where you don’t realise you have pen on your hands and wipe under your nose? It usually results in either a red moustache or appears like you had a nosebleed. Well just be aware that you should always check your face post pen-leakage and before going out in public.

Such events make me think about the randomness of life… How we never know what the divine comedian has up its sleeve. I often ask people when I teach creative writing what is the most random set of events they have experienced and ask them to turn it into a short story….

So what is the most random set events you have experienced lately?


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