And Then There Was a Seal

Autumn is in the air and the swans are building their wing strength. I often wonder how swans know to form their formation V-shape…

This morning began with the most beautiful sunrise, one of those that reminds you how glad you are to be alive.

In the carpark there were discussions between the paddlers as to which way was the best way to go. The tide was high, the wind was low and the sun was rising.

The sun peaking over the horizon certainly enticed us all in her direction. The meant we were going to paddle down the river towards the estuary.

oh my goodness… How glad were we of the choice we made… Have you ever walked into a situation where everyone has gone quiet or walked into a room and something had just happened?

Well that is precisely what I did today… A kayaker and my fellow paddlers we still and not saying anything. I wondered whether they were in awe at the sunrise or had maybe had an argument.

They all grinned and shook their heads and gestured at the water behind me. Bear in mind I was half way across the shipping lane, so wondered whether a boat was about to run me down.

Nope it wasn’t that. I rotated my board to come face to face with a huge head. That head was the same size as my thigh. Gosh! I might have used other words; however, there were loud words and a sense of shock at meeting a seal in such close proximity.

Not the best picture, although it gives you an idea of the size of that Sealy- beast. I think I was still in a state of shock and wobble at that moment. It really was a biggy. Of course it made a nice dive and disappeared. So we continued with our various paddles.

This morning was a blissful paddle morning. Perfect reflections, herons, kingfishers and of course the seal. Such mornings put the world’s chaos into perspective.

Having a coffee and a bar of dark chocolate for breakfast certainly added to the experience.

That and gazing into clear water without anyone else around.

My board is pretty knackered by the way. That is 6 years of paddling taking its toll. Anyway, there is time for a bit of contemplation and today turned up the question: how does silence expand?

Have you ever noticed that when you are truly silent that silence seems to enlarge all around you. Well it did for a short while until the road noise in the distance kicked off…

I often wish time could stay still when you choose it to because there is always that turning point when you have to head back because work beckons. Quite often I feel quite sad, although today I decided to enjoy the journey home. It was wonderful and to make it more exciting when I was paddling along the seal swam beside me. Just me and the seal. What luck!

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  1. Fabulous photos Michelle.

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