Not Much Better Than This…

Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in the busyness of life that we forget to just stop and enjoy… It is easy enough to get caught on the email treadmill and the mentality of productivity. Yet sometimes we just need to sit and be quiet…

Quite often it is as simple as taking a stroll, finding a bench and sipping a coffee. No thought, no screen, just you and nature… That quiet moment of non-thought where you simply breathe and become aware of your body can trigger such a wonderful sense of calm. That calm expands through your body and your cells are most likely celebrating with a Mexican-cellular-wave. Finally no stress!

The point is… how often do you stop and just sit in a state of being? How often do you allow yourself to be floppy? I know I don’t do it enough. I am aware that my brain is often immersed in a mental churn, figuring out work, trying to get stuff done and filling my diary with socialisation. Yet what I really crave is stillness.

A chance for the mind to be empty, to feel appreciation for my body, my life and experience.

So many of us are so caught up in our minds that we forget to take in the beauty of the moment.

We can easily forget our surroundings are filled with opportunities to witness nature, beauty and calm, but we miss it. We are consumed in the inane, texting and screens…

Yet I have come to realise thirty minutes staring at the sea with a good quality coffee is a simple bliss…

It is in such moments that I realise there is not much better than that…

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