Tingle Dingle and The Little Stinkers – Chapter 23




There was a stagnant silence on the dancefloor. Sebastian glared at Bertie. A few things began to add up. ‘What do you mean ‘our’ mercy?’ said Sebastian.

‘Uh oh,’ said Josh.

Tingle glanced at Auntie Joanna, who had a look on her face which suggested she had a plan.

‘Bertie is the proper baddy!’ cried Tingle.

Bertie gave an evil laugh. ‘Sebastian I am Sir Gilbert’s great, great, great, great grandson and I am the one who has been tasked to guard you…’

Sebastian frowned, ‘I don’t understand.’



‘When you were locked up here the Queen also punished Sir Gilbert and his family line. The first son of every generation has been the Waftness guard. The thing is none of us really wanted to be your guard or be stuck at Waftness, especially not me. So you could have walked free at any time over the last thirty years that I have guarded you. It is just I forgot to tell you that because I sought revenge for my family and wanted you to create the biggest stink known to mankind. You would then, without knowing it, avenge my family for being forced to reside here for over a hundred and fifty years as well.

Sebastian placed his head in his hands… ‘It’s all beginning to make sense now… And what of Queen Lydia?’



‘She is still in the Tower. She is a little lantern and remains asleep in the jar she was captured in,’ Bertie said looking pleased with himself.

Sebastian sat back in his chair… ‘And all was revealed.’

Auntie Joanna stepped forwards, ‘So how does it feel to take your revenge?’

‘I feel nothing. All these years of anger driving me to make the hugest stink the world has ever known and…’

‘And?’ asked Josh.

‘And nothing. I feel nothing. I had a good dance, I spent years planning… I delivered the ultimate pong and… nothing.’ He paused, ‘Although releasing the pong had some satisfaction because of the dance and entertainment but that was it.’ Sebastian looked completely fed up. ‘I thought it would feel like a huge relief… like a huge burden had been lifted… but no… nothing.’

‘I thought the detonation of sprouts was really good!’ said Tingle.

‘Me too,’ cried Josh waving his arms in the air and making whoosh noises.

‘Okay… the sprout detonation was particularly pleasing… but the truth is I just don’t feel anything. I thought I might have a sense of relief.’

‘I thought as much,’ said Auntie Joanna.

‘You must be quite proud,’ said John. ‘If I had created a stink that huge I would be pretty pleased with myself!’

Dianne rolled her eyes and Josh giggled.

‘Naughty daddy!’ said Josh.

‘So basically, Bertie you manipulated Sebastian to create the biggest stink ever to exist so that you could make demands… What have you asked for? Please tell me it isn’t money… That is just too obvious!’ Auntie Joanna asked studying Bertie.

Bertie coughed an embarrassed cough, ‘It is only ten million pounds.’

Mildred glared at Bertie, ‘You never told me that!’

‘Uh oh,’ said Josh again.

Tingle glanced at the adults… ‘So then who sent the Little Stinkers to us?’

Mildred flushed red, ‘It was me. I couldn’t bear the thought of living through a ten year stink. Having to wear nose guards every day… I desperately sent some of the Little Stinkers out to find someone to help.’

‘What made you come to us?’ Tingle asked.

‘It seems that your great, great, great, great grandmother was a magical advisor. She was listed in one of the Waftness history books. She advised the Queen to neutralise the Great Stink using Sebastian. So I traced your family line and found lots of references to your family and magic. What made it special was that I was right. The thing is you didn’t stop the stink. I thought you would have worked it all out a lot quicker.’

‘Funny you say that Mildred. What made it difficult is that each of the stinks you blew at us actually knocked us out. That makes it quite a challenge to stop a full stench from taking place,’ said John.

‘So what do we do now?’ Dianne asked.

‘We let it fester…’ said Bertie.

Sebastian turned to Tingle and Josh. ‘You seem to be the only sensible ones here. What do we do?’

‘Make the stink go backwards. Make nice smells. You go free and say sorry to the Queen. You then find Queen Lydia and go and live in the forest and… Live happily ever after!’ Tingle answered.

‘I like that idea,’ Sebastian smiled and turned his attention to Josh. ‘What do you think Josh?’

‘Nice smells… Dance… Magic… Forest.’ Josh waved Dino and did a little dance.

Tingle took a deep breath, ‘Sebastian, no one knows what you look like do they?’

Sebastian shrugged.

‘You didn’t appear on the broadcast. Just your voice,’ Tingle said, as she had considered all of the options.

With a frown, Sebastian tried to figure out what Tingle meant.

Tingle glanced at Auntie Joanna, who had also worked out what Tingle had come up with. ‘Ah Tingle… I get you… I think you should whisper your idea to Josh and Sebastian.

‘Stop!’ said Bertie. ‘No… I am in charge here and you will do as I say.’

Tingle sighed, ‘No, you are not in charge. Sebastian has a magic staff and can capture you… Can’t you Mister Sebastian?’

Sebastian lifted his staff and waved it. A moment later Bertie was contained in a see-through breathable bubble. ‘Should I add stink or remove stink?’ Sebastian said with a mischievous glint in his eye.

‘Be nice Mister Stinkworthy,’ said Tingle.

She went over and whispered in Sebastian’s ear and then went over to Josh who waved Dino excitedly when he found out.

They now had a plan and that plan just needed to be put into action. The only thing was that it would take one whole day to prepare.



























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