Tingle Dingle and The Little Stinkers – Chapter 25




At one o’clock in the afternoon, London time, Big Ben blew another huge raspberry in the right direction. ‘Thwaaarrrppp!’ People cautiously stepped out of their houses and sniffed the fresh air and looked relieved. People even cuddled each other in celebration.

At Waftness Pumping Station Sebastian made a feast and invited the whole family to sit down and celebrate with him. The Little Stinkers had a fabulous buffet which excited them too. When everyone finished the feasting festivities Sebastian made a signal and all of the Little Stinkers lined up on the dancefloor. Sebastian poured everyone a cup of tea and sighed. ‘Tingle, Josh and family you are free to go…’

‘What about Mildred?’ Tingle asked wondering what would become of her.

‘Mildred can do whatever she likes,’ she no longer has to guard me. ‘Maybe she will go and work in an office or outside rather than a sewage pumping station.’

Mildred glanced at the group and frowned at the thought of leaving such a fabulous location, ‘I have realised that Waftness has become my home. I am happy to stay here with the Little Stinkers, as long as I can go to the perfumery and smell those lovely flower perfumes you created Sebastian.’ She looked at him hopefully. ‘Someone needs to look after Waftness and run the opening days.’

‘As you wish…’ Sebastian replied and noticed Tingle and Josh watching the Little Stinkers. Sebastian glanced at the children and smiled a cheeky smile. ‘One, two and three!’ With that the beat began and all the Stinkers tapped their feat, like a Mexican wave, the rhythm went along the line.

To a lively beat they pulled some perfect pong party moves and began to croon.


‘Oh Gosh, Tingle and Josh

Laaaa La Laaaaaaa


You came to stay – hip hip hooray…

La la laaaaaaaaaaaaa


We made a stink to make people think

Laaaa laaaa laaa


Bruha ha Bruha ha Bru haa ha haaaaa

The smell was bad and made people sad

Laaa laaa laaa


We learned that fresh air… Is nice to share

La laaaa laaaaaa


You made it right… over night

La laaaa laaaa


Thank you la la LAAAAAA!

The Little Stinkers spun around the children and lifted them in the air. The family watched and Sebastian grinned. ‘You are all welcome to come and visit whenever you please. Although this may well be my second home because there is a special place that I long to be,’ Sebastian said as he made a sigh.

‘So what are you going to do now Mister Stinkworthy?’ Tingle asked.

‘I am going to go home,’ he replied.

‘Free, free, FREE!’ cried Josh.

Sebastian nodded and did not reply because he had a lump form in his throat.

Auntie Joanna patted Sebastian’s arm and smiled.

‘Please call me Sebastian,’ he muttered emotionally.

It seemed that Sebastian really wasn’t a proper baddy!


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