Tingle Dingle and The Little Stinkers – Chapter 26




The Prime Mister jumped backwards when a man in a see-through balloon suddenly appeared in the House of Lords while he was making a speech about stinks. There was a note attached to the balloon saying ‘I am terribly sorry for the intrusion, but my name is Bertie Gilbert. I am the cause of the Great Stink – number 2. Sebastian Stinkworthy was manipulated into using his genius to take a powerful pong revenge on behalf of my family.’ The House of Lords rumbled with opinions as the Lords discussed what should be done with the man in the stink balloon.


That night, in the Tower Of London, there was a flash of light and everything went dark. It was as if a bulb had burst. The Beefeater guards went to investigate and all that remained in the Tower was a shattered jar and some small glass beads.



Tingle, Josh, Auntie Joanna, Dianne and John travelled home in Auntie Joanna’s camper van. ‘Could we have a Little Stinker come and live with us?’ Tingle asked.

‘Erm no…’ said John. ‘I don’t ever want to be reminded of disgusting smells again.’

Josh giggled. ‘Stinky, stinky, stinky…’

‘Why do we need a Little Stinker when we have you two who make your own pongs?’ Dianne asked.

Tingle and Josh giggled. ‘Dad is worse!’

‘Thanks kids,’ John replied.

‘Erm Auntie Joanna, didn’t you come here to tell us about something exciting that had happened before we discovered the stink?’

‘Well actually yes. I won a drawing competition with one of my pictures and my art is now going to be in an exhibition.’ Auntie Joanna beamed because she was so pleased.

‘What did you draw?’ Josh asked.

‘Some fun faeries,’ Joanna replied.

‘Of course,’ said John looking forward to returning to normality.

One month later, Tingle found a letter on their doormat addressed to Josh, Tingle, John, Dianne and Auntie Joanna. The family took the letter out to the garden and opened the envelope together. Inside was a rather decorative invitation written in very swirly writing.


‘Dear Family Dingle,

You are cordially invited to the opening of the first of seven perfumeries specialising in aromas that will make you feel joy. So please join us for the opening of Fragrance Faerie on the evening of August 23rd at 6.30pm atWaftness Pumping Station. Pick your perfect perfume or aftershave and forever feel joy!’

Kind regards

Sebastian Stinkworthy and Queen Lydia.


P.S You can all stay over because we like to have guests!

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