Hello 2021

2021… Well that snuck up pretty stealthily and caught me off-guard. It was like a naughty ninja needing new knickers.

After 2020 being the longest yet fastest feeling year ever, I have to say 2021 feels like the eccentric auntie taking to the dance floor and intends to pull some unprecedented dance moves.

The picture above is not of an auntie dancing like a possessed raver, instead the two people in the picture are going open water swimming with an air temperature of minus 4 which the feeling of minus 7. They are just at the point before the cold water hit their nether regions… When the cold crutch collision took place the screams had a pitch that made dogs whimper… It was all fascinating to watch but was not inspiring enough to make one want to experience it…

The reason I reference the cold crutch collision is life has reached an unpredictable state… I had not expected to witness two people dunking themselves on such a frosty morning, yet it seems more and more people are going to such extremes.

Are they attempting to live more in spite of what is happening in the world? Do they aspire to fanny frostbite? Or has the world quite simply gone mad and dastardly dunking distraction is an ideal pastime during such unprecedented times?

So 2021 has so much potential and after the learning of 2020 what is it we want to experience? 2020 taught me how much I value freedom, travel and cuddling. So maybe 2021 I will tree hug, take part in literary adventures about travelling… and I have just received a map of funny place names in the U.K.

As much as it is easy to become despondent and frustrated, I am searching out the ‘opportunity’ in this strange time. Turn the turd into a flower will be the mantra that will drive me to accept the weird potential gyrations of the metaphorical 2021 auntie. What’s more, I have had requests to share chapters from my top selling Cruise Ship Creatures book… Why not? If one can bring laughter to others during such times then surely I will have positively contributed.

So with all that in mind, hello 2021… Bring on your random dance moves and we can have a danceathon while others freeze off their appendages…

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