Being Mediocre

Who wants to be mediocre? Really? Surely we should all be striving and chasing and… Achieving all of the time… You should be working towards your dreams and let anything stop you. Nice. If that is what you want but is it really what you want or is it what you should want? What if it isn’t what you want?

The truth is I don’t care about being rich. Most people want to be rich because others want to be rich. What if you were content and satisfied because you had enough? Isn’t that a more satisfying state – contented satisfaction?

It took me a while to come to the above conclusion through chasing and chasing and achieving. I then reached the success and the goals and… then another goal or something else to chase. My personal unfortunate realisation was what I thought success and achievement would feel like was entirely different.

It was only when I shifted my mentality into ‘how can I contribute’ that I realised what a dick I had been. I had done everything to prove myself, to be ‘the best’ to people who knew I desired approval (this is in corporations). At the same time I published book after book and chased the authorial dream….

Then one day I was paddleboarding. I gazed at the reflections on the water and flowed with the river. It was all a dream, an illusion. That was it… I wanted to flow, to enjoy and be content. It was then I smiled and it made sense. Being mediocre was enough. The chase had grown boring and actually contentment took the form of having less.

The times in my life when I was happiest was when my belongings equated a suitcase and I had freedom to travel without burden. I am not saying that will work for everyone… but it works for me… So in summary mediocrity, a van to adventure in and a paddleboard are more than enough to enable contentment.

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