What Does an Adventurer Do When They Can’t Adventure?

What does an adventurer do when they can’t adventure? Who would have thought that the world would close in and life would be locked down? Just over a year ago Mauritius, Singapore and Thailand were some lovely places to adventure…

Yet now such beautiful places are a distant memory… The thing is adventure is in a person’s soul. If one can’t adventure externally then a person can ‘turn in.’

What do I mean turn in? I mean that one can relax and step into the inner universe. The one filled with dreams, magic and space. You can do this through meditation or simply having a lie down and imagining. So simple, yet so possible and you can imagine places and mentally pioneer into books and crannies you never knew existed within you.

It is fascinating what turns up when you take the time to reflect and dream. I realised how I always was searching for the next place to experience rather than consider all the beautiful places I had been.

The thing is adventure always seemed to carry value when it was somewhere exotic and abroad. Yet recently, because of lockdown, I realised local had adventure potential too.

I then had a bit of a realisation… I had travelled all over the world but hadn’t really explored the country I was born (yes I know – that is naughty).

I believe that something in those thoughts created a synchronicity because my fellow adventuring friend sent me a marvellous map of English funny place names.

I soon saw a massive adventure potential. Since 2021 is probably going to have restricted international travel why not go on a local adventure by ridiculous names?

The map was amazing… In my local area I could adventure via different ‘bottoms’ we have a slap bottom and happy bottom near by which strangely leads to Shitterton… Who would have thought?

And then it happened… The most unexpected adventure destination. In terms of adventurous pioneering not many can say they have been to such depths…

I will leave you to figure out which of these many beauties would be the ultimate adventure. However, the answer to the above question ‘What does an adventurer do when they can’t adventure?’ They find other ways to explore and cry laughing at the potential of navigating the country by nether region or a bunch of bottoms. Have fun!


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