Cold Water Dunking?

I really don’t get it? Why would anyone feel the desire on a cold frosty morning to go and dunk themselves in water that 8 degrees? Please note that dunking takes place without a wetsuit!

Where I live it has become ‘a thing’. It seems that many have been influenced by a chap called Wim Hof and his ice bucket antics. He literally sits in a bucket full of ice.

It seems by freezing your nether regions off you feel truly alive. Personally I feel alive without cold water dunk. The thing is this new thing fascinates me. I quite often take my coffee to the pier and sit watching a group of delerious cold-water dunking ducklings in human form deliriously dunk. They stand up to their chests in freezing water doing random breathing techniques.

When they are complete they all saunter out of the water with skin the colour of a tomato. It is like they have sun burn.

Of course curiosity generally gets the better of me and I have to ask people why they do it. Soooo here are some answers …

You really feel present when you do it.

It is a mental challenge…

It makes your nervous system function better…

You reach states of bliss…

You feel so good…

No one mentioned their undercarriage freezing, or the fact they end up screaming the moment the cold hits certain areas or the fact that hypothermia is likely if you stay in too long. As much as they have justified their whys… Does it appeal? I will leave that one for you to answer.

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