To put a smile on people’s faces

Hello everyone, thought I would share my rather random event. Hopefully it will put a smile on people’s faces when we need it…

Some evenings I go and sit in my van on my parking space and read my book. It is a lovely change of scenery. Anyway I have darkened windows, which have drawn quite a few people/neighbours from the flats lately to press their faces against the window and peer in whether it is daylight or night.

Anyway last night it was stormy, pelting with rain and I glanced up from my book. I screamed! It looked like the grim reaper was peering in the window!!!

After catching my breath, I realised it was my elderly neighbour wearing a black poncho. She was carrying one of those dog – ball throwing sticks which resembled a scythe. It turns out that her pup had pooped and she was searching for the puppy poo and had ended up torch in hand outside my van… Since my neighbours, as lovely as they are, are bored and nosy, she thought she would peer in.

Anyone had anything similar? GRIM REAPER IMPERSONATORS?

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