Cruise Ship Creatures – Chapter 18 – The White Hatters

I wonder when the moment arrives when you suddenly think a white plant pot type hat is exactly what you need. It seems there is a pivotal point in a person’s life which demands that a white hat is necessary to establish one’s self as a tribal elder. Is it a coincidence that many men also adopt the socks and sandals combination too? Hmmm. The white hat adornment desire is quite a conundrum. Are white hats, socks and sandals and visors coded into our DNA? Admittedly the human species was not intended to live to such a great age, which makes me wonder whether the great intelligence behind existence thought they would have a bit of a joke and code random bizarre items of clothing instinct into the DNA structure. That infinite intelligence then thought… Oh not only will I make them wear ridiculous white hats, I will make them gravitate to each other… AND… create the desire to travel on cruise ships.

Enjoy the below…

The White Hatters read by Stockton Harris

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