Living or Existing?

I think it was Oscar Wilde who said ‘To live is the rarest thing in this world. Most people exist and that is all. That one quote got me thinking…

A chirping morning chorus currently wakes me up at 5.00am. I am not complaining, instead those chirpy cheating little beauties are not going to shut their beaks… So I have a choice… lay and listen or get out into the world and do something I love…

To some it might seem a little bizarre that a woman is sitting on a paddleboard at 5.30 in the morning… Yet to me that is truly living.

After being locked down for 4 months and working from home, I realised life was becoming existence. An existence where I looked at 3 screens for 9 hours a day to earn money to do what? Exist?

That was when the thoughts on living versus existing began. What was it that lit me up? When did I feel truly alive?

Strangely I ended up having conversations with the cold water swimmers who told me when they dunked themselves in cold water it resulted in a state of bliss where they felt truly alive….

The thing is I want to experience more life, more joy and more freedom. That is what lockdown has taught me… Never be complacent and take opportunities when they are there…

Enjoy the moment and do more of what you love? Is it possible? Is it a choice? Personally I have realised I was not designed to just work, pay Bill’s and die. I came to the planet to live…

In whatever way that unfolds. The point is the time in reflection has shown me that to truly live is a gift and one I intend to give to myself. I share this here… To remind others that to live life to the full is possible! We just have to choose to do it and discover what ignites us.

Oh what hairy legged fun!

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