That Sense of Freedom

Isn’t it amazing how we took freedom for granted until we were put into lockdown?

Now that we can step outside without guilt – how do you truly enjoy that opportunity?

What is it you love? What is it you desire to experience? What ignites you? What illuminates your soul and puts a smile on your face?

For me it is simplicity… The simplicity of nature. The taking time from a hectic work schedule and just taking life in. Slowing down and just being… Being in silence… Being happy… Just being present with the beauty that surrounds us.

Not thinking about the emails, the deadlines and the demands. I am not concerned by what I should be doing… Who came up with that ‘should’ for me. It wasn’t me…

Instead I turn in and enjoy the moment and concentrate on the magnificence that surrounds me, that so many miss by being absorbed in the inane.

By doing this regularly I elevate my mood and realise I have a sense of freedom.

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