Finding the Balance

Yesterday was a bit of a monumental day in the U.K because as lockdown ended, we received some of our freedoms and luxuries back. Those simple pleasures that had been taken for granted like staying in a different location.

The whole concept of freedom versus confinement and restriction have definitely been contemplated during around five months of lockdown restrictions.

Admittedly there is opportunity in all circumstances and many have had the opportunity to reflect on their lives.

One of my greatest personal realisations is how much I appreciate freedom and adventure… Yet to experience that one needs time.

During this pandemic so many haven’t worked and have lost purpose while many, like myself, have worked and worked and worked. I build technology so there was an influx of automation and system development which resulted in ‘existing’ for 9 hours a day in front of 3 computer screens.

That is when you realise that it is easy to simply exist rather than truly live… It made me question what truly living was. It also made me realise how fortunate I was to have travelled around the world numerous times.

Admittedly I had been complacent about jumping on a plane to a remote destination. Yet the restrictions made me realise adventuring and creativity sat at the core of my being…

It was then I realised that one can adventure locally and I needed to find the balance between stability and adventure as well as the sense of home versus travel. Now that the country is opening up again, it is time to find the balance. Although a cream tea would definitely provide balance.

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