People and their Excuses…

Oh I wish I could do that… Is something a lot of people have said to me. Whether it is writing books, doing aerial yoga, paddleboarding or travelling across the world.

Well funnily enough they can. They just need to make the decision and find a way… That is, if they really want to do it.

Now this is where things get interesting… When you say but you can do it… Make the decision, take action and commit to the outcome… Now this is where their faces change. What if they could do it? How would that affect their lives?

This moment is a pivotal point where a stampede of thoughts rampage through their brains….

They will then proceed to tell you why they can’t. If that is the focus then that is the outcome. We have a choice: find a reason why you can or find a reason why you can’t. For me this is the difference between those who are successful and those that aren’t. It is all in the attitude.

When people begin to tell me why they can’t I smile and nod. I never offer solutions anymore. It is just air-filling noise. What makes these conversations 8increasingly fascinating is when people tell me they have a great idea for a book which I ‘should’ write for them. So many people want things done for them… So when I say it is your book, surely you should write it… The excuses begin again. Bless them. In essence why I write this is because I am amazed by how many people have recently told me why they can’t do something. The thing is… if you really want to experience something you will do what is necessary and give it a go. Those excuses will be the blockers and keep those people wishing they could do that…

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