Radio Silence?

Would you dare to switch off your messages, social media, emails and screens for two months? Ohhhh imagine a complete screen detox with your phone being on Do Not Disturb.

Does it terrify you? Do you feel jittery? Well me lovelies, I did just that, although I did maintain the potential to text because that way I wasn’t completely ‘wild’.

Soooo what happened? Did I last? Did I fold? Was it the most amazing freedom?

I don’t know about you but I spend my life working with screens, answering e-mails and interacting through various media channels… In all honesty I am tired of it. People expect instant everything and I am over that. So switching it all off was like floating on the surface of a warm sea in paradise… Of course there were times when I felt like having a chat…Although I was on an adVANture and travelling in my van… The space and time to reflect was a joy.

What I realised was that technology has become a necessary evil. I do feel completely invaded by it and I would happily throw my phone away. The thing is other people wouldn’t understand. Just take a walk down the street everyone is with phone and using a phone… the phone is an extension of them. I am not saying this is wrong, I am just pointing it out… Isn’t it amazing how we have become so reliant and accustomed to taking our phones everywhere with us?

Another aspect is their extended use. I use the Sat nav and the camera all of the time… It is strange how inconvenient it is to have a separate sat nav and carry a camera. So with all of that in mind, I spent two months not posting, not typing and not looking at screens. I would definitely recommend it because you don’t realise how accustomed you are to using your phone until you stop using it and take a break. I will definitely be doing the digital detox again, even though it made me very uncomfortable when it reminded of how reliant I am on the phone. You may ask what triggered such a move… The book DISRUPTOR by M.L.Storm. It was a bit of a trigger to say the least. I am glad I read it and realised how technology had infiltrated my life slowly and surely. Admittedly that book made me feel rather unsettled when it pointed out my level of reliance, which is why thought I would give a tech detox a go…


One response to “Radio Silence?”

  1. Oh yeah, I too work with screens and devices, and would love to disconnect for a while. Sadly though, my life as a writer means that I’ll have to market my work too, which means social media sometimes. Anyway, I’ll definitely look into cutting down on screen time. Thanks for this post!


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