In To The Flow We Go

Have you ever had one of those moments where everything suddenly comes together and you are completely immersed in the moment?

You aren’t consciously thinking; instead you are in a state of absolute stillness, connected and present.

In that moment time expands and suddenly there is ‘no time’. It is as if you are suspended in the eternal now and everything is possible.

That is the flow state, where inspiration arrives and innovative ideas are born…

Yet these moments do not arrive in the chaos of being busy, they arrive in stillness, in quiet and most often in solitude…

So my question then becomes: why do we spend so much time being busy when the inspiration arrives from silence?

I do not intend to answer that question because we all have different ways of accessing the flow state and when you are there you desire to stay…

My flow moments come from nature and stillness… You already know where you find yours… The next question is why not take that time to visit that space because it is there where you find your answers. ENJOY!

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