When you just can’t be bothered…

So I have been rather amused by this title. I was thinking it feels rather rebellious because of how we all live in a such state of being busy. What do you do when there are times when you just can’t be bothered? How does that make you feel? Useless? Lazy? Guilty? Or just ambivalent?

Now as an author I am expected to maintain a blog, market my books and sweep the floor with a broom attached to my anus… The thing is I may well be an author, but I am also a technologist. On average I work 42.5 hours per week in my full time job. This isn’t a hard luck story or a look how hard I work… It is a reality with with ‘sometimes you just need to chill out and not produce…’ I know when that time is brewing because the feeling of ‘I just can’t be bothered’ rises into my being.

So what do you do? Do you plough on and keep producing? Or do you climb in a hammock and stare at the sky? The answer is different for everyone but mine involves a lovely bit of being in nature and lazing about in my free standing hammock…

With the fast life pace of modern times we sometimes forget that we need to recharge and enjoy life… resting is part of our make-up. When ‘can’t be bothered arrives’ it is time to listen to it… When was the last time you rested? When was the last time you properly chilled out?

So with that in mind… I am going to enjoy the evening and not do much…



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