Technology and Nature

So the big question is how can we utilise technology to support nature? Quite clearly technology is our future and the planet needs some help. Plus humanity needs to back off.

The thing is nature is a self-righting mechanism. When it needs to rebalance it will pull out all the stops: plagues and pestilence to storms and eruptions. It will merrily reclaim or destroy land, continents and species. She (nature) is brilliant and she has unlimited power.

Have you noticed that humanity has moved away from nature, is no longer connected to nature, yet is nourished by nature? We really are wombats… We need to recognise our misdeeds, take responsibility and make change…

Soooo with the pending climate crisis I have been considering how we can use technology to support nature.

The irony is that technology is very similar to nature, myocelium interconnection and root systems can be recognised in technological architecture. What’s more technology can be cultivated and evolved into organic looking infra-structures.

Nature contains the 1.6 algorithms, the patterns found in galaxies, sun flowers and pine cones. Technology uses numerous algorithms… So as we advance, simulate and machine learn… How can we use that to benefit nature? Surely our machine learning can anticipate and calculate where we can plant seeds for the benefit of weather?

Did you know that forests close to coasts help rain fall further in land? Could such learnings be applied to calculated forest planting?

One of my favourite recent learnings is that drone seeding can map a landscape and deliver seeds to remote and inaccessible areas.

Essentially a drone is loaded with a ‘puck’ filled with seeds that are suited to an environment. The puck is padded out with seed nutrients and then flown to a ‘mapped’ area of land to be cultivated. The drone is loaded with multiple pucks and follows a virtually mapped path to deliver the pucks to the allocated locations… Amazing or what?

Imagine an army of drones delivering new seeds to areas that have had fires or remote areas that humans would have challenges to access. Imagine the potential for reforestation with the right investment…It is all out there. The technology exists. We just need to make it happen.

In the meantime it is coming to Autumn which means I will be collecting acorns and beech nuts and manually planting them… Maybe you could do the same. Every little helps…


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