Play Time… The fun you can have with a frozen brussel sprout…

Who would have thought a frozen brussel sprout could provide so much fun?

I literally couldn’t believe it… One small mini cabbage basically sent my pup into the ultimate playtime.

There he is sitting in his Christmas jumper wanting attention… And… I throw a frozen baby sprout in his direction.

That little green gas-creating gem was cast about, hidden in the rug and rolled over for nearly an hour. He sniffed it, licked it and tossed it in all directions. Every so often he barked at it, as if telling it off. It was wonderful. It was the perfect distraction because Christmas dinner was prepared while the family watched in wonder. How much fun could a frozen brussel sprout be…

This made me think more about play and how us Hooooomaaaans need to play more….

So, with that in mind… Here is a writing prompt for those who feel festively creative…

The strangest thing happened when I played with a frozen brussel sprout…

I can’t imagine the random stories that could come from that little line…

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