There’s Nothing Like a Good Belly Rub…

The meaning of life eludes many for most of their lives. All that striving, proving and aspiring when there is so much pleasure and enjoyment to be experienced.

After spending years contemplating what really matters, it took one little pup to reveal the great joy’s in life… Life from a pup’s perspective is inspirational…

Who would have thought the meaning of life was so simple?

Spend time in nature

Have an adventure

Play more

Laugh more

Take great pleasure in all that you do… (This was inspired by watching my pup with his chewy stick…)

Finally… There is nothing like a good belly rub

One realises life can be simple we just make it complex and fill it with inane pursuits…

With that in mind, 2022 will be my year of simplifying, enjoying and belly rubbing…

I am ready for my belly rub…

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