A Tug of War with a Pair of Knickers…

Well it isn’t often one can declare they have had a tug of war with a pair of knickers and I can proudly say I am one of the rare few…

So, the simple act of removing washing from the drier was how the tugging incident unfolded.

My pup, who is always curious, watched the piling of clothes into the basket with glee. It is often when I turn my back a sock my be scooped up or tossed around…

However, this morning he had his eyes on a different ‘prize’ – my best knickers…. Yes, many ladies do have a best pair of nick-nocks… A prize pair for special occasions – like going to a party

Well, while piling up the washing my mobile sounded to alert me to a text and boom… There was a sudden puppy dash which then resulted in zoomies, where the pup erratically darts around the room caused by a huge surge of energy.

In this instance my knickers were prey to be shaken and tossed about.

This is where the game began… first the attempt to catch the pup and then to prize one’s underwear from his jaws.

For the pup it is a fantastic fun

They will grip chew and dart about…. Just what one needs before a Team meeting. ‘SORRY I WAS LATE I HAD TO PRIZE MY KNICKER’S FROM MY PUPPY’S JAW’, would not be a terribly professional update.

Anyway a tug of war ensued. There was growling, chewing and knicker ripping… In the end my best knickers developed a hole which could accommodate an extra leg. Some might consider that innovation, others might be glad of the additional air…

After all of the excitement my pup conked out. All that play and tugging sent him into a blissful nap… and he slept on my prize undies… They were gonnas

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