How Would Your Dog Like his Sausage Madam?

It has been a little while since I have blogged. It is the standard ‘life gets in the way’ scenario where ‘real’ work took over and left me without the creative mental space… It seems a lot of people have been experiencing the same brain fry around me. One of my friends was so caught up in work she forgot her own birthday… Imagine!

I like my sausages cooked mummy…

However I have a day off after the bank holiday and felt the urge to share two rather sweet experiences that took place when Rufus and I had a little holiday.

Soooo… Over the bank holiday weekend Rufus and I took a well needed rest and checked in to a dog friendly hotel for the long weekend. It wasn’t far away but far enough to feel I was away…

I am sure a lot of dog owners will understand that they want to travel with their pup. Over the last year we have been away in my van and stayed at self-catering dog friendly lodges. The thing is I craved a bit if hotel time… With no washing up or cooking.

After reading reviews on dog friendly hotels we chose a lovely place in the New Forest. I am not going to post the name because it seems like advertising.

Well when I say it was dog friendly… That was an understatement. All of the staff made a fuss of Rufus and he had a field day. Imagine his delight at all the forest smells and… deer! He was so happy.

When it came to breakfast he was offered a lovely sausage.


What made the trip all the more exciting is all of the other pups he met and that leads me to my second story…

New best holiday buddies

Ohhh I had the funniest conversation while I was talking to a fellow dog owner at about our pampered pooches and dogs being fussy eaters. Admittedly I was pretty excited to say a chef had asked how Rufus would like his sausages cooked. I then mentioned because my pup was fussy I had chicken in the van… She appeared confused and said ‘you must be a real animal lover to bring a pet chicken on holiday with you.’

I couldn’t breathe through laughing so hard…

Then it occurred to me… I look like the kind of woman who would have a pet chicken and… would take that chicken on holiday… hmmmm!

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