Beware of the squirrels! Now that isn’t something you hear everyday. Well I did smirk when the campsite warden advised me to keep my windows only slightly open because the squirrels were on a rampage.

I also grinned as I drove to a secluded pitch and set up Blossom my van. Rufus, my pup, lounged on his bed and watched me erect the hammock, privacy tents and a shower.

All the while I noticed squirrels lined up on a tree branch as if scoping out the joint. I had an uneasy feeling as though they were plotting.

A moment later two of them launched themselves onto the roof of my van and scurried about looking for access. They didn’t find any, so redirected their attention to a neighbouring van.

The pair worked as a team and gnawed through a flynet on the door and bounded around the inside of the van. Rufus glanced at me as if to say that is weird. Shortly after I heard a lot of banging around.

The van owner had returned and was surprised to be greeted by two squirrels tucking into food he had left on his table.

A lot of shouting later, and two squirrels bounded across the site and up a tree with their spoils in their mouth.

A loud scream sounded from across the site. A woman flapping her arms swaggered about with a squirrel attached to her bun. She had returned to her van and had been surprised by her squirrel guests.

The squirrels had been disturbed and one courageous one launched onto the woman’s bun from a shelf. All the while, the other two squirrel infiltrators snuck out the sun roof with Brazil nuts.

The bun-grabbing squirrel hair adornment launched onto a nearby tree while the woman’s two pups wen ballistic. What a squirrel spectacle!

Later that evening I chatted to the wardens who shared other squirrel missions and infiltrations. You would not believe the strategic planning taking place in the squirrel factions.

Anyway the wardens advised me to put my hammock away at night. I jested with them and asked whether the squirrels had taken to hanging around in hammocks at night.

The pair laughed… ‘oh no it isn’t the squirrels – its the deer!’

The mind boggled… What did deer do with hammocks at night? I didn’t want to find out!

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