More About Monster Spotting

Can you see it? There is a monster in the tree. If you can see the eye on the right then that is your starting point.

Some Monsters aren’t that good at hiding…

So…I guess people might think monster spotting is quite a strange hobby. Well I would disagree. There is a lot of fun to be had and it takes you out on adventures.

This monster looks a bit bored of hiding.

You see if I hadn’t gone monster spotting then I would never have known monsters gather for a dance…

This is the dance ring…

Now let me take a step back and explain a few things. Not all monsters are bad… Although, there are some really nasty ones and you have to keep away from those. You will know in your gut. It will go errrrrch!

This one isn’t nasty… Just grumpy

The monsters I have found in the forest are generally shy and quite friendly. They avoid humans because they are scared of being captured and put in circuses.

A smiling monster who liked Rufus sniffing him because it tickles

When I first discovered monsters hiding in the trees I didn’t have Rufus, my pup, at the time. So it made it more difficult to find them.

Can you see the eyes and nose?

It makes things a lot easier now that Rufus, the puppy – monster tracker, puts his nose to the ground and follows the scent.

Rufus found a monster…

We now travel all over place spotting monsters. We stay in Blossom, my van.

Blossom in all her glory.

Rufus sleeps well in Blossom and takes up most of the bed.

Rufus checking outside for monsters before bed

What people find funny about Rufus is he likes to stand on my head during the night so he can check the area for monsters.

Rufus taking up the bed

Rufus doesn’t like it when it gets very dark, so we keep some fairy lights by the van

Fairy lights and a hammock – just in case a monster wants to come and stay over night.

So how it works with Rufus is he seems to sniff the air and senses there is a monster near by.

This one couldn’t be bothered to hide properly

Rufus then finds its tracks and runs around until he discovers the creature.

There is a monster inside the hide

When Rufus is certain there is a monster he will pee on its foot.

Rufus letting me know there is a monster here

Usually when Rufus pees on a monsters foot it jumps out of hiding and shakes its foot… Boom! Busted!

Rufus face to face with an birdish monster. His face shows it didn’t like its foot being peed on!

Rufus is a very brave pup!

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