Magical Places

There really are some magical places. When I say magical I don’t just mean they are beautiful places; but instead there are places that hold magic.

A secret magical location

So Rufus, Blossom (my campervan), Sophie (the huge spider on my window) and I are out in a remote location on the purbecks, in Dorset.

Lovely lichen-clad trees

We had heard there were monsters in the forest here. So we thought we would do a bit of monster spotting. Nothing too extreme, just a wander around to see who was hiding out there.

Monsters aren’t always that easy to find… Start by looking for eyes on the trees

Rufus and I took a lovely wander and found a few monsters. Sometimes they are very good at blending in. Other times their eyes give them away. If you look at the picture above you can see an eye. On the otherside of the tree was another eye. This monster was pretty clever because it could quickly bury itself, flatten its head and lie against the birch tree.

Some monsters are very good at hiding. This one wasn’t

The monster above was a bit rubbish at hiding. Rufus spooted him straight away and went over and peed on his foot. There is nothing like having a dog pee on your foot to stop you hiding.

Can you see his face?

After apologising we had a lovely chat with the monster who told us that we were in a magical place. I asked what made it magical. He said the fairies and gnomes. Well as soon as Rufus heard the words fairies and gnomes he was on their trail.

Look what Rufus found

Soooo some people ask how come they don’t see fairies or gnomes. Well first of all you have to be ready to notice them. Plus they don’t like noise. Rufus and I are very quiet when we are out in the forest and sometimes Rufus finds a scent so we stand very still. That is when the fairies appear.

Rufus can smell their scent but hasn’t spotted them yet.

Often Rufus can smell the scent of the fairies and knows they are near by but doesn’t always notice them.

The fairies often sit quietly watching us

So back to magical places… Fairies make magic and that makes a place magical. The more magic the fairies make then the more magical a place becomes. I never knew that…

You could easily walk past and not notice her if you are talking or looking at a phone

What I will say is that fairies are easy to miss because quite often we are talking to people or are looking at phones. Sometimes it is worth going to a magical place to just be still and see what is right in front of you.

Rufus is having a nap in Blossom after all of the sniffies excitement.

http://Elora, The One-Winged Fairy: And The Last Baby Giggle

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