Okay, so I have a little secret and I feel I want to share it:

I am an author.

I can imagine that you may well be frowning – why is that a secret? Well I kept it low key for a very long time. I guess you might think that isn’t really a secret. Maybe you are right – so the secret is more that I have been living a double life as an author. I wrote for long while under a different name. It was quite a fancy name to be honest. In fact it sounded a bit like an exotic female dancer. I do like her. She is feisty, says it how it is and if she was on the dance floor not many people would survive because there would be a lot of arm waving and sweaty hair swishing. Cool eh? She was my amusement – an ultra-feminine wriggly wild woman writer. The kind of woman that would charge into a room, shock the shimmy out of it and have a great time raucously laughing. When she had had enough she would then depart jovially with a boom-shaka-lakkka. She was a created character that created characters. That was the joy of it.

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So why change? The thing is sometimes one has to step up and take responsibility for their creations. It isn’t being grown up as such, more of a case of if I can’t stand beside my creative musings then what kind of example am I? So with that in mind, and for all the others who have a tendency to hide, it is time to step up to the spot light… And…. Ta daaaaaa! Here it is. The rather random and bizarre mind of Michelle Dry. Yipee!!! Prepare to be bemused!


When people find out I am an author (when I accidentally let it slip because I am rubbish at keeping my own secrets) they ask what I write. Well I love writing children’s books full of adventure. I have a passion for the thought-provoking and a continual thirst for understanding the underlying wisdom of life. I write about it to explore it and I loooooooooooooooooove it! A lot of my creations come from looking for answers for myself. I then share the writing so that I have completion. Retina Blue is an example of a book I wrote to delve into the unconscious patterns and synchronicity. Gargantuan adventures was written because a great friend of mine loved Gargoyles. I discovered some very interesting facts about the creatures and constructed a whole Gargantuan world to honour it. Some characters have wafted around me for years until they were plucked from ether and made a written reality… All of this to be shared with the huge world out there… Exciting!

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So here we are: Michelle Dry – Write * Travel * Photograph* Blog*

Enjoy the mental scribbling and please share with your friends, children and pets. The reason I added in pets is because pets usually get left out. I am convinced that if you read my blogs to your pets they would enjoy them. You probably talk to them about everything else so why not read them a bed-time pet story?