Lesson – it takes courage and the learning of the ancient art of nasal attack resistance. When delivering the hideous news to an Office Stinker breathe through your mouth and focus on the outcome of fresh air in the office. … More The Office Zoo – THE OFFICE STINKER



The second type of Office Hotty is completely unaware of their Hotty status and does not milk it. She is a big smiler, often humorous and flits about the office looking graceful, elegant and beautiful. She provides men with sexual fantasy whilst providing fellow women with styling ideas and ideas for beauty. She also compliments other women and improves their self-esteem. … More THE OFFICE ZOO – THE OFFICE HOTTY

What a lovely review

“Charming tale” Overall Performance Story This was a charming story for young children. It weaves together so many elements which are near to a child’s heart: fantasy coming to life, travel, giants, treasure, and farts. It’s sure to delight the young ones. The best part was the narration. I’ve listened to many podcasts and audiobooks … More What a lovely review

Tingle Dingle and The Treasure Tree Chapter 2

‘Well that is a very good question Tingle. Obviously next to a giant you will be very small. So you have to make sure that they don’t step on you. The best way to get a giant’s attention is to giggle. For some reason they hear that better than anything else. Also if you say something funny and they laugh then they really like you. They also like anything that rhymes. I remember a time when your mum, when she was a little girl, said a special rhyme to the giant. That was how we were allowed to see the treasure tree.’ … More Tingle Dingle and The Treasure Tree Chapter 2


There could be an alarm sounded at any time signalling for the whole ship to abandon ship. It is then that there is an announcement across the ship ‘ we are delighted to announce there is a buffet on the back deck.’ Honestly! … More Antarctica