When the reviews come in…

Elderly scooter riders descending like a pack of Hell’s Angels during an emergency evacuation test … More When the reviews come in…


A Little Update

Just a quickie because life has been intense lately… So I just completed the three book series -The Female Rising As soon as the first graced Amazon, she began to sell. I loved writing this series because it is all about ‘connection’ and meditation. There is something so wonderful about writing books that help people. … More A Little Update

Cruise Ship Creatures – The Mobility Scooter Rebels

They became known as the witches of Scooterwick. The two scooteresque gang members had floral basket displays and would often transport half of the buffet around with them. They would zoom past, slam on their brakes and weave amongst the other guests sounding the foghorn. When it was misty on deck they would appear from the fog sounding their foghorns and cackling hysterically. Amongst the fog, screams and revving could be heard as the dangerous driving ensued. … More Cruise Ship Creatures – The Mobility Scooter Rebels