12 Reasons to Self-Publish

This is where self-publishing comes in. Let me ask you: why do you write a book? Is it because you have something to say? Is it because you fancy a nice bit of creative time? Is it because you are simply compelled to and don’t know why? Do you think it will make you a multimillionaire? Do you believe you are the next J.K Rowling? … More 12 Reasons to Self-Publish


Will Gulp, The Greedy Monster Win the Monsters’ Dance?

Through his dancing he discovered that he could move and shake his stomach like a belly dancer. The rhythmic belly ripple was hypnotising. That mesmerising mid-rift motion could send a whole room into a dream and when they were in that state he could wipe out the food and no one would know it was him. Gulp had a plan, he knew there was going to be a lot of party food at the Monsters’ Dance. … More Will Gulp, The Greedy Monster Win the Monsters’ Dance?

Could Clonk, The Clumsy Monster Win The Monsters’ Dance?

Of course it would be astonishing and the challenge was not to kick anyone or anything of importance when he took to the floor. To make it increasingly tough, he would have to be courageous and overcome his fear of being seen. Being clumsy often drew the wrong kind of attention. So he had developed skills where he was brilliant at being a chameleon and blending in, yet such a contest meant that he would have to face being the centre of attention as the spotlight would be on him. … More Could Clonk, The Clumsy Monster Win The Monsters’ Dance?

Could Romper Stomper be The Monsters’ Dance Winner?

While she stomped, waved her arms and pulled some rather exciting moves her family of little stompers sat on the sofa watching. In the centre of the cave living room three beasty bushy babies bounced into the air from the sofa as their mum stomped herself into a furry frenzy. After one final stompy sequence, where everything around them shook and clattered, she finally came to rest. … More Could Romper Stomper be The Monsters’ Dance Winner?

What a day!

I have to share this because today has been an amazing day. After years of writing and promoting, Cruise Ship Creatures had an audio sales spurt. It has had them in paperback over the last few months and now it is spurting in audio. Admittedly Stockton Harris really brought the characters to life. I added … More What a day!

A Little Update

Just a quickie because life has been intense lately… So I just completed the three book series -The Female Rising As soon as the first graced Amazon, she began to sell. I loved writing this series because it is all about ‘connection’ and meditation. There is something so wonderful about writing books that help people. … More A Little Update