12 Reasons to Self-Publish

This is where self-publishing comes in. Let me ask you: why do you write a book? Is it because you have something to say? Is it because you fancy a nice bit of creative time? Is it because you are simply compelled to and don’t know why? Do you think it will make you a multimillionaire? Do you believe you are the next J.K Rowling? … More 12 Reasons to Self-Publish



Let’s face it… Everyone has an inner monster don’t they? They are made up of all the shadowy parts that we hide. Of course everyone’s monster is unique… It could be hairy, stompy, tantrum-filled, wobbly, toothy or have multiple eyes… Now that inner monster is actually a bit of a dude and once you befriend … More I THINK IT’S TIME WE HAD A CONVERSATION ABOUT MONSTERS

What a day!

I have to share this because today has been an amazing day. After years of writing and promoting, Cruise Ship Creatures had an audio sales spurt. It has had them in paperback over the last few months and now it is spurting in audio. Admittedly Stockton Harris really brought the characters to life. I added … More What a day!