What a lovely review

“Charming tale” Overall Performance Story This was a charming story for young children. It weaves together so many elements which are near to a child’s heart: fantasy coming to life, travel, giants, treasure, and farts. It’s sure to delight the young ones. The best part was the narration. I’ve listened to many podcasts and audiobooks … More What a lovely review

Tingle Dingle and The Treasure Tree Chapter 2

‘Well that is a very good question Tingle. Obviously next to a giant you will be very small. So you have to make sure that they don’t step on you. The best way to get a giant’s attention is to giggle. For some reason they hear that better than anything else. Also if you say something funny and they laugh then they really like you. They also like anything that rhymes. I remember a time when your mum, when she was a little girl, said a special rhyme to the giant. That was how we were allowed to see the treasure tree.’ … More Tingle Dingle and The Treasure Tree Chapter 2

WYLD – One Mammoth Adventure CHAPTER 10

Sue glanced at the horizon, a band of thick cloud rolled over the mountains and descended into the valley. The speed at which it travelled meant trouble, there was going to be a storm. Sue turned the helicopter around and felt a deep pang in her heart. Her little boy was about to spend the night in a snow storm and he had nothing with him to keep him warm. … More WYLD – One Mammoth Adventure CHAPTER 10

WYLD – One Mammoth Adventure CHAPTER 9

It was close to winter which meant that Baby must have been in the in-between food phase. It was in transition between milk and vegetation. It still needed its mother’s milk otherwise there was a possibility it could die. A feeling of helplessness washed through Wyld. If the baby mammoth died then what? He would be just a kid lost in the wilderness with a dead baby mammoth. What kid wanted to deal with that? … More WYLD – One Mammoth Adventure CHAPTER 9

WYLD – One Mammoth Adventure CHAPTER 4

Quickly he ducked back behind the stump and gathered himself. A mammoth? He couldn’t believe it, the wild animal thing had seemed like a twisted joke. A hairy baby mammoth in the middle of a forest? Wyld peered over the stump and took another peek. The mammoth was struggling to move away. The little mammoth kept trying to pull his leg but Wyld noticed it was caught in twine. The more the baby struggled, the more the twine tightened. The ball of fluff needed his help but if he helped then it could attack him. … More WYLD – One Mammoth Adventure CHAPTER 4