Singapore Schwiiiing!

A city filled with inspiration and thinks beyond the conventional… … More Singapore Schwiiiing!

Why So Quiet?

Why so quiet? Well the silence has been lovely and enabled new ideas to take form. The reason for this quiet is because a month ago I finished the draft of my most recent book. To celebrate I often go on a travel or visit a spa. I am a huge believer in celebrating when … More Why So Quiet?


Olivia paused mid-sketch; its eyes weren’t human. What does that mean? She chewed her pencil and attempted to retrace the previous events. What had happened before she woke up? When had she been beaten? Why couldn’t she remember? … More RETINA BLUE


Of course there will be some fantastic dancers who are there to show their natural ability. Alternatively, if you have the coordination of a drunken giraffe climbing onto a hammock then it is precisely the opportunity to challenge yourself and demonstrate moves never witnessed before in public. … More CRUISE SHIP CREATURES – THE ‘WE JUST LOVE TO DANCE’