Why the Big Splash?

It isn’t often a washing machine spits a pair of washed wet knickers in your face is it?
How would you feel? Shocked? Surprised? Slightly distressed?
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Jenny and Ben accidentally receive an invitation to the Monsters’ Dance. Do monsters really exist? If so, don’t they eat children?The Monsters’ Dance is a celebration like no other – it is a time of great monster festivity because it takes place on the longest day, meaning the nights will soon draw in and true monstering can take place. When the brother and sister accidentally receive the invitation to the monsters’ dance they think it is a joke but what if it isn’t? Surely they have to go and find out… The only thing stopping them is the big question: what if monsters eat children? The pair are torn between curiosity and fear. Maybe they just need to come up with a brilliant disguise. That way they can find out once and for all: how do monsters dance? … More THE MONSTERS’ DANCE – FIRST 3 CHAPTERS


One afternoon, while Ben and Jenny play in the garden, Ben notices a pair of extremely hairy legs belonging to a huge creature hiding in their hedge. Just as they investigate, they are called in for tea. From that moment on, the pair attempt to determine what the creature is.
During the night, they watch from their bedroom window and can see the outline of a hairy shape lurking in the darkness. It had to be a monster didn’t it? What did that monster want? The whole thing was turning into a mystery. Why had the cucumber patch been destroyed? Had the creature taken the fruit bowl? Why would the prize roses be beheaded? Was the creature trying to get their attention? The whole thing had turned into a hairy-legged mystery! … More THE HAIRY-LEGGED MYSTERY- 3 CHAPTERS

Will Spriggit and Sproggit Win the Monsters’ Dance With The Twinny Twirl?

Once Spriggit had accurately danced his steps they high-clawed and Sproggit erupted into freestyle. The contrast strangely worked. The pair circled, shimmied and came to a final lift where Sproggit took a run up and… Spriggit launched him above his head. Sproggit tumbled through the air and landed on his feet and rolled with his legs aloft. … More Will Spriggit and Sproggit Win the Monsters’ Dance With The Twinny Twirl?

Could Clonk, The Clumsy Monster Win The Monsters’ Dance?

Of course it would be astonishing and the challenge was not to kick anyone or anything of importance when he took to the floor. To make it increasingly tough, he would have to be courageous and overcome his fear of being seen. Being clumsy often drew the wrong kind of attention. So he had developed skills where he was brilliant at being a chameleon and blending in, yet such a contest meant that he would have to face being the centre of attention as the spotlight would be on him. … More Could Clonk, The Clumsy Monster Win The Monsters’ Dance?


Let’s face it… Everyone has an inner monster don’t they? They are made up of all the shadowy parts that we hide. Of course everyone’s monster is unique… It could be hairy, stompy, tantrum-filled, wobbly, toothy or have multiple eyes… Now that inner monster is actually a bit of a dude and once you befriend … More I THINK IT’S TIME WE HAD A CONVERSATION ABOUT MONSTERS