The Monsters’ Dance – CHAPTER 19

When the dance was over there was a bit of a surprise… I bet you can’t guess what happened? … More The Monsters’ Dance – CHAPTER 19

Could Romper Stomper be The Monsters’ Dance Winner?

While she stomped, waved her arms and pulled some rather exciting moves her family of little stompers sat on the sofa watching. In the centre of the cave living room three beasty bushy babies bounced into the air from the sofa as their mum stomped herself into a furry frenzy. After one final stompy sequence, where everything around them shook and clattered, she finally came to rest. … More Could Romper Stomper be The Monsters’ Dance Winner?


Rubbish! In the meantime, the office pervert has developed his drooling technique and the office bore has moved desks. I will have to time my toilet visits to avoid monotonous stories about beavers or badgers. My worst moment was when he accosted me by the drinks machine and detailed the mating cycle of the Salmon. It was hideous, people in the area were shaking with laughter as I attempted to make every excuse to escape… … More LOVE HUNT – THE LOVE GAME 8