The Birth of Monsters

Well I have finally done it and with the help of some wonderful people – Lynda and Robin, I have finally given birth! Yes you heard me correctly. It wasn’t your average birth either instead it was a birth of monsters! … More The Birth of Monsters


What a day!

I have to share this because today has been an amazing day. After years of writing and promoting, Cruise Ship Creatures had an audio sales spurt. It has had them in paperback over the last few months and now it is spurting in audio. Admittedly Stockton Harris really brought the characters to life. I added … More What a day!

To celebrate the release of THE FEMALE RISING ON AUDIBLE – CHAPTER 3

So here we are with Chapter 3 already. It is so amazing how many of you lovely ladies have identified with this whole feminine and feminine energy questioning. Thank you for listening and if you know other ladies that could do with having a listen then please share…  LINK TO THE FEMALE RISING ON AUDIBLE.COM … More To celebrate the release of THE FEMALE RISING ON AUDIBLE – CHAPTER 3

A Little Update

Just a quickie because life has been intense lately… So I just completed the three book series -The Female Rising As soon as the first graced Amazon, she began to sell. I loved writing this series because it is all about ‘connection’ and meditation. There is something so wonderful about writing books that help people. … More A Little Update