7 Reasons Why Travelling Alone Can Be Bliss.

When people ask me about my alone trips so many people say ‘oh I couldn’t do that…’ Or ‘I wish I could do that.’ Or ‘I couldn’t be alone that long… I would get lonely.’ THAT IS WHERE THEY GO WRONG! … More 7 Reasons Why Travelling Alone Can Be Bliss.

Why So Quiet?

Why so quiet? Well the silence has been lovely and enabled new ideas to take form. The reason for this quiet is because a month ago I finished the draft of my most recent book. To celebrate I often go on a travel or visit a spa. I am a huge believer in celebrating when … More Why So Quiet?


Olivia paused mid-sketch; its eyes weren’t human. What does that mean? She chewed her pencil and attempted to retrace the previous events. What had happened before she woke up? When had she been beaten? Why couldn’t she remember? … More RETINA BLUE