That Refund You Owe Me – Nakedness

I think one of my favourite sleep walking stories is from a friend of mine who quite often sleep walks. She is known for wandering through the work’s disco in her underwear during one such sleep walking expedition. … More That Refund You Owe Me – Nakedness


Another arranged towels in a body-like form, put a fur hat at the ‘head end’ and placed a blanket over the top. On top of the blanket a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign was fastened so that people would not dare to prod them. Clever? … More CRUISE SHIP CREATURES – THE SUNBED HOGGERS

What a day!

I have to share this because today has been an amazing day. After years of writing and promoting, Cruise Ship Creatures had an audio sales spurt. It has had them in paperback over the last few months and now it is spurting in audio. Admittedly Stockton Harris really brought the characters to life. I added … More What a day!