Cruise Ship Creatures – The First 8 Creatures

that a brawl on a ‘news worthy’ brawl on cruise ship has increased my sales… Hilarious eh? That subject resulted in a conversation where colleagues asked me to post opening chapters on my blog… So here you are… This is some of what I write… … More Cruise Ship Creatures – The First 8 Creatures


What a day!

I have to share this because today has been an amazing day. After years of writing and promoting, Cruise Ship Creatures had an audio sales spurt. It has had them in paperback over the last few months and now it is spurting in audio. Admittedly Stockton Harris really brought the characters to life. I added … More What a day!


Rubbish! In the meantime, the office pervert has developed his drooling technique and the office bore has moved desks. I will have to time my toilet visits to avoid monotonous stories about beavers or badgers. My worst moment was when he accosted me by the drinks machine and detailed the mating cycle of the Salmon. It was hideous, people in the area were shaking with laughter as I attempted to make every excuse to escape… … More LOVE HUNT – THE LOVE GAME 8