Rubbish! In the meantime, the office pervert has developed his drooling technique and the office bore has moved desks. I will have to time my toilet visits to avoid monotonous stories about beavers or badgers. My worst moment was when he accosted me by the drinks machine and detailed the mating cycle of the Salmon. It was hideous, people in the area were shaking with laughter as I attempted to make every excuse to escape… … More LOVE HUNT – THE LOVE GAME 8


Our Office Comedian is completely unaware of how funny he is, he lives in a special world that enables the rest of the office to laugh until their stomachs hurt. Essentially, he is brilliant because he is free stress relief. His talent for random, awkward or ridiculous events is a phenomenon you have to admire. … More THE OFFICE ZOO – THE OFFICE COMEDIAN


There could be an alarm sounded at any time signalling for the whole ship to abandon ship. It is then that there is an announcement across the ship ‘ we are delighted to announce there is a buffet on the back deck.’ Honestly! … More Antarctica

WYLD – One Mammoth Adventure CHAPTER 1

If you are reading this now, then something must have gone horribly wrong with this weird experiment. I can’t believe ‘they’ would dare to breed such dangerous animals. Now, if I was reading this then I would wonder what on earth was going on… Who was telling me this? The truth is it doesn’t matter, nor does why I’m involved. The key here is: I decided to share this with you. … More WYLD – One Mammoth Adventure CHAPTER 1