When I say I love to travel, well that might be an understatement. I spend around eight months of the year travelling on a cruise ship. That is where I work and where I take the opportunity to accumulate inspiration. Please note this is not a nice little jolly. This is hard work seven days per week for up to 170 days without a day off.  When I leave the ship I am generally unable to be near humanity for at least a week! The exchange is living life to the full and experience. With that in mind, I do my best to add blogs but when you end up working ten hours a day, sometimes it becomes a challenge to write especially when you have to access internet via satellite… Still, one can only do their best!


I have to say I love taking pictures and finding somewhat random imagery…


There are times when I just can’t believe what is out in the world.


I do try to add in videos when I can.

Every so often there may also be a view from the port hole.


If people ask where do you find inspiration… Just have a look below:


Then there are the places…







And of course I always have editing with me….. This was WYLD being edited in the wilderness!


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